Share Draft Accounts

A credit union Share Draft Account has two distinct advantages: there are no minimum balance requirements* or per item fees.  You have the freedom to maintain whatever balance you like and write as many checks as you need to.

* There are no minimum balance requirements in order to keep your account open. However a $5.00 monthly fee will be charged to your account if the balance goes below $300.00.

Debit Cards

Sick of writing checks?  Apply for your debit card now.

How does a debit card work?  Its simple.  Your debit card doubles as an ATM Card, performing the same functions as your ATM card and more!  You can use your debit card to access your credit union checking account at ATM's or anywhere the Mastercard symbol is displayed.  Your debit card works like a credit card but with no interest charge, no annual fee, no monthly payments and no transaction fees.  The convenience of just signing for your purchase is fantastic!

Lost or Stolen ATM / Debit Card?

Simply call (800) 554-8969 immediately to suspend access to the card!

Courtesy Pay

What is Courtesy Pay?  Courtesy pay is a credit union benefit that's available to all members who have share draft (checking) accounts.  The credit union may opt to pay overdraft items on third party checks or electronic payments, even if sufficient funds are not available in your checking account*.

Courtesy Pay does not excuse you from paying for the amount advanced; you must bring your account to a positive balance within 30 days.  You will still be charged the normal non-sufficient fund fee of $35.00.  Should you wish to opt out of Courtesy Pay, you may do so by notifying the credit union in writing.  The advantage of Courtesy Pay is that items will not be returned.

Courtesy Pay is an option that we may extend to any member who is in good standing.  In order to be considered in good standing, you must (1) have a checking account open for at least 90 days; (2) be making regular deposits consistent with your past practices; (3) not be in default on any loan obligation to the credit union; (4) and not be subject to any legal, administrative order or levy.

This notice of Courtesy Pay is not all-inclusive.  If you have questions regarding this new member benefit, please don't hesitate to contact the credit union about additional specifics that may apply to Courtesy Pay.

*Items are paid as a courtesy and not as a matter of contract.  The Credit Union may use its discretion in paying any item presented or returning the item.

Fraud on your Account?

Click here for the Master Card Disputes & Fraud Claim forms.

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